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Crazy.Sexy.Fun 2010

Ladies …. I’m going to take the guess work out of what gift to give your husband this Valentine’s Day that he will loooooove. Contact me asap and I’ll send info about this year’s ‘Crazy.Sexy.Fun’ weekend.


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Baby Ashlyn

Welcome to the family baby Ashlyn (my newest neice!)

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Family traditions

One of the many family traditions on my mom’s side is to get together for a lefse making party before Christmas. Lefse is a Norwegian food that is basically a potato tortilla and it is one of the Christmas Eve dinner staples. If there isn’t lefse on the table along side of Grandma’s pickle and olive tray …. it can’t be called Christmas dinner!

Joell and I didn’t have a job to do so we decorated Grandma’s tree.

 Next family tradition is with my in-laws who get together for a cookie party. The cookie recipe has been passed down the generations and it is a fun tradition to sit around the table singing along to the Christmas music and making a big mess!

Colleen always wins the award for most creative decorating 🙂

What family traditions do you have?


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Happy Birthday Grant & Ben

Today my nephews Grant and Ben turn 3! It is so fun to see how twins can be so much the same ….. yet incredibly different. These boys are inseparable and have even been known to hang out with the other one in time out just to keep him company. I love these boys  🙂

Boys being boys …

The full Stauffer clan … and yes… they stay busy

My sister-in-law Tiffani did a fantastic job last year assisting me at weddings and I am so excited to watch her talent continue to bloom. You are a rockstar girl!


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Storgaard Family

The Storgaard family deserves an award for braving the northwest weather during family photos. During round one of photos we faught drizzling rain (but made the most of it under their front porch)… and round two the clouds were threatening snow. They bundled up good though and kept the smiles rolling. Here are a few from their home:

This next photo makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside  🙂  I love family time!

And off to the park for round 2 …

View Storgaard family’s full online gallery HERE

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Trying to stay warm

Although these photos should have been posted back in August, I thought I’d share them now and find warmth in just looking at them. Ahhhhh yes …. warm summer nights!

The Strotz clan was like my second family growing up. Lots of fun camping trips and motorcycle rides  🙂

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Baby Ace

My cousin Joell recently welcomed baby Ace into her family. I know her and Ken are going to be fantastic parents …. and have a very stylish little boy who is going to steal all the girls hearts!

I loooooove baby feet!


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