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Powell Family

It starts to feel like the family’s that I photograph are part of my own family when I get to see them year after year and watch the kids grow up. I hardly recognized little Becca who turned 2 this summer and has gotten soooo big!  She was adorable as she ran around and tried to keep up with her big brother. Here are a handful of favorites from my time with the Powell family  🙂

View the Powell family’s full online gallery HERE


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Walbrun Wedding online

Chris and Toni’s wedding is now online:

Slideshow   /   Online Gallery

Amy Parsons (9)

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McGuire Wedding online

Shawn and Lindsey’s wedding is now online:

Slideshow  /  Online gallery

Lindsey blog-9

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Allan & Charity: Hotel Bellwether

I laughed so hard with Allan and Charity as we roamed around the waterfront at The Hotel Bellwether and almost got blown away by what felt like hurricane strength winds. I was so thrilled that no matter what the weather brought they were up for outdoor photos and we made the most of it! Around here that’s all you can do right? People walking past us must have thought we were nuts as we were hootin and hollerin’ … having a good time.

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-1

To ensure we got some photos with Charity’s hair in tact we started behind the buildings for a few portraits away from the wind.

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-2

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-3

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-6

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-4

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-5

Flowers by In Bloom Design – gorgeous as always!

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-18

Are you ready for one of my all time favorite pictures….

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-16

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-7

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-8

Thanks again Tiffani for grabbing fun candid shots from the side

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-9

Another all time favorite…

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-10

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-11

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-12

Blue sky made a quick appearance before the rain storm rolled in

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-15

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-17

What do you do when bridesmaids request to stay out of the wind for their photos … find a random couch and pull it into a courtyard for a little photo session of course!

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-13

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-14

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-23

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-22

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-21

The rain came just before the ceremony started which made for a ‘plan B’ setup indoors but it was a beautiful ceremony none the less.

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-20

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-19

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-24

Whoo hoo Brooke!

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-26

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-27

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-28

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-29

Amy Parsons.Charity blog-30

Allan & Charity’s full online gallery will be available by mid October

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Harkness Wedding Online

Jared & Jenny’s ONLINE GALLERY and SLIDESHOW are now available


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Webber Family

I had so much fun photographing my friend Jenny’s family at Boulevard park. Her girls are two of the most precious little girls I have ever met (not to mention beautiful). Here are some favorites from our time together:


This yellow dress was Jenny’s when she was a little girl


Off to the playground…


View the Webber family’s full online gallery HERE


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Scott & Molly: Beau Lodge

After meeting with Scott and Molly to discuss my services I was so excited for their day that I asked if I could attend their wedding even if they didn’t hire me. Well… I didn’t have to be a wedding crasher and got to experience a wedding that is best described as sweet, simple and organic. All events were held at Beau Lodge which has great property for an outdoor wedding.

Molly dress

Molly mirror

Molly garden

As we were having some fun, my assistant Tiffani grabbed these next 3 photos…

Flowers by A New Leaf in Bellingham

The wedding party enjoyed some lawn games and apparently playing by the rules was not required

Scott propsed in Disneyland where Molly picked out this fun ring and wore it through their entire engagement … how cool is that!

molly rings

During a simple wedding under the trees, one of Molly’s brother’s officiated the ceremony and her other brother stood on her side (and so sweetly held the bouquet).

Molly reception

A shout out to my brother and his girlfriend who were guests at the wedding. Awww so cute together!

Scott & Molly’s full online gallery will be available by mid-October

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