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Chris & Toni: Lairmont Manor

I was thrilled to head back to the Lairmont Manor for Chris and Toni’s wedding. If you’ve never been to the Lairmont you should stop by to check out the beauty of this historic site.

I first met Chris a couple years ago at his brother Michael’s wedding and I’ve known Toni since childhood when she was friends with my cousin. It is always interesting how we end up re-crossing paths with friendly faces. Thank you Toni and Chris for letting me be a part of your amazing day. I hope you had as much fun as I did!  🙂

Venue: Lairmont Manor

Wedding Coordinator: Added Details

Amy Parsons (4)

Amy Parsons (2) b

Amy Parsons (26)

Amy Parsons (8)

Vogue Magazine here we come…

Amy Parsons (5)

Amy Parsons (20)

Amy Parsons (27)

Check out this dog’s smile… and his bow tie!

Amy Parsons (7) b

Amy Parsons (16)

Amy Parsons (9)

I love this portrait of Chris. He is such a genuine guy and is going to make a great husband.

Amy Parsons (24)

Amy Parsons (13)

One of Toni’s bridesmaids had a baby just days before the wedding and still made sure to be at her friend’s side on her wedding day. What a dedicated friend!

Amy Parsons (14) b

Amy Parsons (15)

Amy Parsons (25)

I found Chris’s neice keeping herself entertained while wiating for the ceremony. The best part of this photo is that her dad is the one with the barbie while she’s fighting with the transformers  🙂

Amy Parsons (17)

Amy Parsons (19)

 Amy Parsons (18)

Pink Gerber Daisies make me smile

Amy Parsons (3)

Amy Parsons (21)

Amy Parsons (28)

Amy Parsons (12)

Amy Parsons (10)

Amy Parsons (11)

Amy Parsons (22)

Amy Parsons (23)

Chris and Toni’s full online gallery will be available by the end of September.



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Johnson Wedding Online

Brandon and Rebecca’s full online gallery is now available


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Jared & Jenny: Bellwether Hotel

After spending time with Jared and Jenny for their engagement photos I was super excited to see them again on their wedding day. I soon found out that everyone in their wedding party was just as cool as them! We had some fun on the waterfront before heading to First Presbyterian Church for the ceremony. Then it was back to the Bellwether Hotel for a great reception party.

first look

Flowers by In Bloom Designs

Who said you couldn’t have a little fun on your wedding day!

A little football with the bride’s bouquet anyone?

During the reception I snagged the couple for a few more photos on the waterfront. The evening sun gives rich skin tones and enhances the beautiful blue water.


piggy back

And one last shot as the sun set

Full gallery will be available online by September 16th


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Shawn & Lindsey: Backyard Wedding

Lindsey’s parent’s backyard was the perfect setting for her summer wedding. Even though the sun only made a few appearances that day, the guests enjoyed themselves outdoors among the beautiful landscaping. It is always so fun to see the details that come together for a wedding and this day was no exception. The main color was yellow with touches of gold which made for some great flower arrangements and decorations.

Lindsey blog-1

Flowers byLeah Richner & Marky Stuit

Lindsey blog-2

Shawn’s dad bought this Mustang new and has since passed it down to his son who absolutely treasures it.

Lindsey blog-3

I got a chuckle out of this photo that Tiffani took of me while explaining to Lindsey what I wanted her to do…

Lindsey blog-4

Lindsey blog-5

Tiffani also took this next one

Lindsey blog-6

Anyone else think this should be a canvas print on their wall? Way to work it Lindsey!

Lindsey blog-7

Lindsey blog-8

Lindsey blog-14

This group photo looks awesome blown up!

Lindsey blog-9

Lindsey blog-10

Lindsey blog-11

Lindsey blog-12

Lindsey blog-13

Lindsey’s parents with their ’55 Chevy (I’m still drooling over this car)

Lindsey blog-15

Lindsey blog-16

Lindsey blog-17

Lindsey blog-20

Lindsey blog-19


Lindsey blog-18


Cake by Mechealle DeVries. I love the detail she puts into her creations.

Lindsey blog-21

Lindsey blog-24

Lindsey blog-22

dance 1

dance 2

Lindsey blog-23

Shawn and Lindsey’s full gallery will be available by September 15th


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Fadden Family

Kate has been a friend of mine for several years now and it is always a treat to spend time with her family. Kate and her husband Nathan are great parents … the kind that get down on their hands and knees to really participate in their son’s life. Riley recently turned 1 which meant it was time for another round of family photos! Here are a few from our time together:

Fadden blog

View full gallery HERE


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Sary Wedding Online

Nick and Sarah Sary’s online gallery  is now available


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Andrew & Melissa’s wedding

It was such a privlege to photograph Andrew and Melissa’s wedding last weekend. Their love for each other along with their love for the Lord was an inspiration to me and I loved that every moment of the day was filled with celebration and worship. I met Melissa many years ago when I was a youth leader through my church. From the first day I met her I have always been impressed with her joy, compassion … and beauty. Her and Andrew made my job easy as they grinned from ear to ear all day long.

I had such a hard time narrowing down’ just a few’ for the blog but here are some of my favorites from the day:


First look…

first look

This black and white was caught by my assistant Tiffani. The expression totally captures the joy that Melissa expressed allllll day long.

Check out these flowers from In Bloom Designs


Having some fun!

Andrew… your wife is stunning!

A special request was made that these incredible trees be incorporated into their photos.

Love from their siblings…


Melissa and Andrew shared their vocal talents with the guests while singing ‘The Prayer’ as part of the ceremony.

The reception was held at Melissa’s parents home. Many hands helped put together all of the beautiful details of the day… all of which came together perfectly.


Andrew and Melissa’s full gallery will be available by September 8th



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