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Spencer Wedding Online

Robert and Michelle’s full online gallery is now available



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Can’t get enough of this family!

Being bored is never an option if you’re spending time with this next family. I had the privilege of photographing both of the sister’s weddings and was thrilled when they asked if we could take family photos as a birthday gift for their mom.

New angle on the ‘family tree’  🙂

Full online gallery


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Wedding…. part 2

Martin and Rachel enjoyed a beautiful wedding in Hawaii this spring along with a reception in Lynden for all of their hometown friends and family. Unfortunately Rachel’s parents were unable to attend the Hawaiian ceremony so Rachel graciously put her dress back on before the Lynden reception and had a second ceremony performed so that her family could witness this incredible union.  Thank you Linda for giving me to opportunity to photograph your growing family along with a beautiful ceremony.

This little man was born just in time to see his mommy’s friends get married  🙂

View Martin and Rachels full gallery HERE


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Sooter Wedding Online

Shiloh and Katy’s full gallery is now online!


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Shawn and Gayleen

It was not necessary to remind these two to act like they liked each other because they were head over heals googly-eyed over each other all afternoon. Shawn and Gayleen have such a strong appreciation for one another and could not wait to call each other husband and wife. It was so much fun to watch them interact throughout the day!

The ceremony and reception were held at Evergreen Gardens which is one of my favorite locations. The trees and landscaping are stunning and the shade helps to keep everyone comfortable.

Shawn seriously could not help but stare at his beautiful bride all day long and tell her how much he loved her. He’s going to be an amazing husband!

These friends are the ones who helped Shawn and Gayleen connect:

I’m telling you… the staring and smiling was non stop  🙂

Full online gallery will be available by June 30th

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Kalma wedding online

Matt and Megan’s online gallery is now available.

final blog-1

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Little fur ball

A big welcome to the newest addition of the Parsons household. David found this little guy at work and decided he would make a good mouse catcher around our property. David is firm that he will be an outdoor cat when he gets old enough but in the meantime he is getting spoiled to pieces in the house. Right now he is curled up on my shoulder purring directly into my ear. If only he could stay this small forever.  🙂


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