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A time to give THANKS

With the news filled with non stop heartache I am reminded even more of how much I have to be thankful for. Not only do I have a great job and a warm home to work from but more importantly I have an incredible family who means more to me than they will ever know. My family (including inlaws and step family) consists of 6 parents, 17 siblings and 15 nieces and nephews…. wow that’s a lot of love. The amazing thing is that we all get along and try to spend as much time together as possible.

Here is last year’s photo of my immediate family with my mom and step dad (thanks to Evantide Photography for the picture!!!)


Here are some of our neices and nephews. If I was able to retire at this stage of my life I would spend most of my free time with these kids… I love them to pieces!


I am one of four kids (within 5 years of age) and although we had our rough years growing up we would do anything for each other now. We support each others dreams and accomplishments… such as Rob’s graduation from Western last year.


For old time sake here is an old photo of us kids. Yes, I am the baby of the family which explains alot 🙂


My inlaws added more to the family this year (congrats Diane and Bob). I could not ask for a better set of inlaws and feel so blessed to be a part of their family. They are all amazing people who welcomed me in with loving arms from day one.


The list of family members who I am thankful for would not be complete without mentioning the love of my life. Every single day I thank God for matching an undeserving girl with such an incredible man. He is everything I could have dreamed of in a husband and i could not image life without him at my side.


Praise God for all that we have been blessed with!



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While I was visiting family and friends in Oregon I met up with Amy and her kids (dad was unavailable). We managed to find the last fall tree in the neighborhood to be the backdrop for these adorable smiles.










View full Shuster gallery HERE


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Fall leaves

I almost forgot to post these pictures! A few weeks ago I took a walk around my yard and admired the beautiful leaves from several different types of Maple trees we have. I just love how delicate these leaves are.





The next two pictures I cheated and used leaves that I gathered on our Idaho trip. I loved the detail and colors and couldn’t resist bringing a handful home with me. Did you know that you can dry leaves and then bring them back to life by soaking them in warm water?




Abby was ‘helping’ me take pictures so she got to pose for a few herself. Most people blog pictures of their kids… well, here is my girl:



Life is beautiful… admire it


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Meagan: Senior 09

On Meagan’s day to shine for her senior pictures the rain was trying to push us out but we decided to make the best of the weather and have some fun at Larabee Park. I have to admit that Meagan suprised me. When we first met she seemed very hesitant to get her pictures taken and I wondered how the session would go. Once we got started though she busted out some incredible smiles and really worked it out! Here are just a few of my favorites.




As we were leaving the park we walked through a tunnel that was covered in a graffiti style mural painting. The colors were great but I kind of like the look of this one in black and white.


View Meagan’s full gallery HERE


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Fall families

My siblings love that they have a photographer in the family and make use of this perk when it comes time for their Christmas card photos. I often tease my family that they are the most challenging to photograph and get everyone looking at the camera and smile but this year was a great success. Look at these beautiful smiles!

First up is my sister Holly with her husband Dan and their kids, Nate and Lily:

Next is my brother Marty with his wife Tiffani along with Emma, Ben, Grant and baby in the belly (so cute!)

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